NEM Node Rewards are funded with XEM set aside during the Nemesis block, as well as through other fees collected via the NEM network for transactions. These awards are then given to harvesters running high performance nodes for helping to secure the network. These nodes form a backbone of support for light wallets and mobile wallets so that users of these services might have access to the network that is easy, fast, and reliable without having to sync a blockchain or use unreliable third parties. The NEM network has been designed from the very beginning with the goal in mind that any light wallet can securely connect to and use any server safely to make transactions and the nodes participating in this program are regularly checked to ensure they are providing quality service. In the future as the NEM platform grows, these nodes might also provide additional services.

In addition to providing high quality services, a node must hold a deposit of 3 million XEM. This deposit helps to ensure decentralization and thus the security of the network nodes as XEM is a scarce resource.



All nodes will be tested with a target interval of one day per one round. If the node passes the tests, it will be added to the "legit participants" list.

To test the performance of a node, the following parameters will be measured:

Results of these tests can be found on supernodes.nem.io. If a node fails a round, it will be suspended from receiving an award for the next 2880 blocks (approx. 2 days). While a node is suspended, the measurements will not stop. Every time a node fails again, the suspension time will be extended to 2880 blocks from the time of the last failed test. If a node fails the tests continuously for 10080 blocks (approx. 7 days), it will be removed from the NEM Node Rewards program. If the node admin would like to successfully participate in the node reward program once more and has addressed the issues that caused the node to fail the tests, they may opt-in again by sending another message stating "opt-in" to NAFUNDBUKIOSTMD4BNXL7ZFE735QHN7A3FBS6CMY.

For more detailed information regarding the node rewards program, please visit https://blog.nem.io/nem-node-rewards/

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